You Hypocrite!

Listen you! Those fancy tresses mean nothing to me, you're still the same person, you hypocrite!
With all your boasting & wild mile high clubs & partying every night with your friends.
Your best sounding lies ever, you still go around & tell, sounds absolutely insane.
Even when life offered you the best of everything!
You still chose arrogance instead.
Wasn't that you bragging to your friends the other day, saying how much you got it made?
You hypocrite! You said, a little lie never hurt anybody. That is what you said!
If those are the kind of friends you have, then you surely better watch back!
How do you live with yourself like that anyways?
Do you think you're something special?
One minute you're on top of the world, then the next you're reduced back to nothing!
You can't say you didn't see it coming, ol' pal.
Because all the signs was there.
And just look at you now, totally pitiful! Not even two nickels to rub together.
Go ahead cry me a river, scream! See if anyone cares!
It's ridiculous putting yourself before all others, only you deserve what you get.
Didn't you know better, how you treat others will be your own fate in the end?
Even little children know their limits,
repeating the same things over again.
Understand i'm not judging you, no, not ever.
Even I made mistakes.
But i'm going to do you one better this time.
l'm going to cut you a break.
Only beware & consider this important fact, this will be your last favor from me yet.

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Tags : Friends, confessional
Key Words : Friendship, love, character, honor, respect, inspiration

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This poem signifies a life experience. Hint: life teaches virtues.