Note from my future self

Come with me, I have no time to explain. My sweet nothings are really something.
It will take you longer to read than it took me to write.
I think you look out too much for others, but dont forget to look inside yourself, its worth living for.
I promise to go with you to the sad hour if you promise to go with me to our happy hour.
Promise to give yourself love, I'll be here if theres any extra.
If we are equally in love thats pretty lucky, but if I love you a little more that makes me more lucky.
Whenever I look at you, I need a ride towards distraction knowing the adverses of too much extraction.
I thought the sun and the rain seemed to care what kind of flower I've been, but it was you. I dont need more water and sun, I just need to be understood.
Will you help me to understand the world that won't stand still?
I wont work up the courage to talk to you, but I'll never forget about the times I could've.
Yes, it doesnt always happen how you think it's going to happen, but I promise I can do something.

- Kamya.

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