Notes From Lefkada

It's been 7 whole days since I've been home
but yet it feels like a lifetime
I hear the music but I don't feel that I am where I should be
Thoughts of you come to mind as I clean the mud from my shoes...
Lovely notes of clarinet play as I scrub
the thick black dirt from the soles
The scent of whiskey and cigarettes
seem to come to pass my nose
I didn't know what you were saying about me, not for a moment...
though I imagined it was sweet
Standing in the kitchen now;
eyes fixed on the rain puddled outside beyond the window
The absolute silence that comes along
with a day such as this one
Or maybe this is the first time
I've had a clear head to think with
Your accented nouns, and verbs, and scrambled words
have stopped playing in my mind for a moment
Slowly coming to the realization
that I've woken up from the dream I was having
The taste of bitter coffee hath gone from my tongue
I'm back where I started though I do not belong
Running after memories now of that endearing gaze you gave...
I swore you held It for days...
you held me tight as I stood
right where the water meets the street
it's ok that's it's 6 am and we are driving home,
lost somewhere in Greece
I'm standing in my apartment kitchen completely alone
I'm home - but it's not where I should be

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