I stand in the bare of my ivory stockings
hugging my arms against the cold of the night
my hair my messy unkept hair pinned in strands
keep it away from my face
I am standing by -a window?
yes, my open window. I am gazing into
the eyes of the moon as it looks down at me
a gleam in its bright eyes. Smiling. knowing.
from my place by the window, I can see everything everything
and how curious it is. How it seems
that every little thing has small details. Small little stories.
Lies. And truth. Happiness. And sorrow.
the silk of my curtain blows against my legs
from a small wind coming from my window.
Shhhhh... do you hear it? of course, you don't.
You are hungry, but your eyes are blocked by greed
to see the food right in front of you
there is never silence. There is never nothing.
even in nothing, there is everything everything
for once Think tHiNk THINK!
for once stop to admire the little stories-
the little everything everything in anything
So I walk away, close my window, shut my curtains... and nothing.

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