Running, running, to the door
Falling, falling, to the floor
I regain my stance
Running in advance
Running, the monster's footsteps on cue
Running, running, the door in view
The door is close, no, miles away
Closer and closer, the darkness fades
A sliver of light visible through the cracks
The door before me, finally, at last
I search my pocket for the key
To find it empty, just like me
With sudden terror, it finally sinks in
I've been locked out, no, I've been locked in
Locked in darkness, trapped in fear
Footsteps meaning the monster's near
"Hello," the she says, or rather me
I spin around, I'm who I see
I face the monster, or is it me?
"I forgive you," I whisper, "You're free"
The monster, not a monster, but me
Smiled and handed me the key
I accepted it and unlocked the door
But taking my reflection's hand before
Hand in hand, we walk though
As the light takes us, as we become new

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