Nothing but a Child

To you I am nothing but a child
Not allowed to feel and love
Made to feel ugly so no one may see me
Because to you, I am nothing but a child

You've already decided what my future will be
Making sure I will serve you just in case no one else did
You fail to recognize and you always disrespect me
Because to you, I am nothing but a child

I would have felt valued if you asked me
What I would like to do or be
For I have dreams and visions I long to fulfill
But to you, I am nonexistent

I would probably know what love is if you hugged and kissed me
Maybe if you told me I was important
It would have made a difference in my whole being
But because I am nothing but a child.

You refused to see me.

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This Poems Story

I was born in the Philippines. I didn't know my parents. I remember moving around and living with other people and becoming their servant (maid) because my sisters and I were considered a burden. The poem was inspired when God gave me back my father after thirty years. The family we stayed with was actually his aunt's and I never knew about it. It brought back bad memories and how I felt because I didn't feel valued. I submitted this poem because God is working in my life and wants me to step out. This is the first step for me. I give glory to God for putting it in my heart to turn it in.