The day time and I shook hands and walked away

I was born inside your eyes
Rocked and held there through the gleam of them
You’re the first phone call
The first thought
The essence of every ingredient I’ve ever pulled from within my heart and mixed together to glide through my rites of passage.
You don’t know it, but I hear the tears crushed to crystals which fall from your lashes when I call.
I hear them, I feel them roaring with such pride.
Driving through the fog of the sunrise for the first time without you in the smoky mountains I had begged since childhood to take the wheel for.
You passed the adventurous elixir of life to me that day.
“Into the Mystic” is never far from my mind. It pulls me towards you to a moment where I feel your boundless love, forever remembered as your hands hold me and I feel them gently run through my untamed Sicilian curls. A father’s loving embrace of his baby girl encapsulates a feeling of indestructible love and safety so very few are free and blessed to behold.
My Daddy O
Your Sammi Ro
Years from now, when I sail into our Mystic, I’ll be dancing alone.
I’ll wait for you to come home.
I’ll rock my gypsy soul and live my life for you, the way you used to until the day that tiny gleam in your eye screamed and made her voice in this world known for the first time.
I wait here on the dock for eons it seems, in my dance until…I hear it.
The fog horn blows
In this moment, the gleam in your eyes turns into me by surprise.
I’ve dissolved into your tears
Our souls are bound
Daddy and daughter, forever, both searching, have been found.
You rock me in your arms once again
“Just like way back to the days of old.”
My Gypsy soul is with you, as we glide over the water to treasures anew.

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