Nothing impossible at the end of the day

Life is a double-edged blade, so you’re F***ed no matter what
The more you try to get around it the deeper it cuts
The deeper it cuts the more its hurts
Don’t feel special cause your not the first
Nor the last and it could get worse
So be happy you kept are your limbs
Cause sometimes it leaves you breathless, meeting your end
But other times it gives you a chance
A chance to get up and make a difference
A chance to stand tall and do what you can
May close a door now but another will open
Take this chance to seize the opportunity
Cause the door will not stay open for eternity
Cause next time you could meet your end
It\\\\\\\'s okay if you do cause something new will begin
See that’s the beauty of a double-edged blade
May close a door but it will always leave an escape
So never give up, look for another way
Cause nothing impossible at the end of the day

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