Nothing into Something

From rags to riches
that was me, me BEFORE to NOW
God brought me out
and cleaned me up

comin from nothing
broken bound chained hurt
wasnt free at all
the devil constantly was hindering me from my call

i would think who me
the foolish girl who did the dirty deeds
who sinned more then ever
who wanted to die daily
but God had other plans

The devil tried to take my life
but God had a greater purpose for me
God said he wasnt letting me go
the devil had to go because i said
I AM gonna be FREE

it was a battle a struggle a fight
but God always win
the devil aint ever right

God said you are called to do my will
You have a greater work to be done
That foolish devil tries to destroy you
only to discourage you
from a battle you've already won

I got up i decreed and declared i fought and broke free
no more chains no more strong holds
that devil ain't havin no more holds on me

Im a soldier of God i'm a mighty and powerful warrior
my test is my testimony and my power lies within my story
Im going to stand up and FIGHT and defeat the devil
preach the word to nations
so they to can be free from the hands of the enemy

i look back and ponder a moment and see how great God is
how he brought me up and brought me through
i cant ever cease to praise him for all he has done
because i could've gave into the devil
and have been dead and gone

but from rags to riches just like Joseph in the bible
he turned a nobody into a somebody
nothing into something
a falling starr into a shining starr
that isn't afraid to face the devil and stand my ground
i am FREE i am a NEW me and i'm never turning back to who the devil was holding in captivity

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