Nothing Is As It Seems

Nothing is as it seems,
this is what I think as I look back on a sea of shattered dreams.
Dreams of being someone great,
dreams of making people proud,
dreams that always seem to be up in the clouds.
I never asked for much in life,
Lord knows I've put up with a lot of strife.
Pain seems to hit me more than the rain,
but still on the outside, I seem sane.
But if you really knew me the way that I know me,
you would know that nothing is as it seems.
On the outside, I hold my on,
but in the inside, it feels like no one is home.
I've lost loved ones again and again
rather through death or just because of sin.
I had to watch my father die right in front
of my eyes, but all I could do was stand there and cry.
I'm tired of being behind a closed door
crying and crying forevermore.
God allows me to wake up every day,
and for that I thank Him and just pray.
I pray for the strength to carry on,
the strength to keep my pain unknown.
I pray that for all those I love and hold dear,
I pray that you never have to bear these tears.
Broken over and over again,
nothing is as it seems from here on in.

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