Nothing Is Impossible

By Da Poet   

Potent poetry is a vehicle to teach
Delivered spoken words can reach
The masses are likely to find
a reasonable facsimile state of mind

Coalition of poets unite
take a stand together we fight
Not with stick or stones nor weapons of destruction
but with simplistic logical mathematic deduction

Develop a platform speak design
an organized plan enlighten their minds
Yes poets of the world unite
speak peace that can't be denied

Corrupt governments promoting wars
Law Enforcement can't be ignored
ISIS terrorist creating fear
States local removing GOD they don't care

Homeless Vet's out on the street
there's people out there with nothing to eat
Locals rapidly closing schools
but building prisons and that ain't cool

Let's turn back the hand of time
it's just a matter of changing one's mind
Nothing is impossible you see
All you have to do is just believe


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