Nothing Left to Fear

By Spock   

When consciousness returned,
the questions flooded in.
A heart attack is what they said,
we’re not sure that you’ll live.

We lost you once,
you slipped away.
We brought you back,
we hope you’ll stay.

I blocked all questions but my own,
but to whom was I to ask.
Who would have my answers,
how long would I last.

What becomes important,
when the end looks you in the mirror.
When tomorrows fifty fifty,
my visions getting clearer.

Those visitors that come to see,
the broken man that once was me.
To say good luck,
to say farewell.

From strong to not,
one small blood clot will take you.
From life plan to daily plan,
every day is a blessing.

The choice you make is simple,
as it’s not your choice at all.
Love like you’ve never loved before,
live each day before you fall.

From driver to driven,
who controls the plan.
What are we here to do,
what is the purpose of man.

When consciousness returned,
the answers became clear.
No one gets out alive,
there is nothing left to fear.

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This Poems Story

A major “widow maker” heart attack inspired the words to the paper.