Nothing Looking at Nothing

From the hole where the breast has been bitten
The animals all crowd to fit in their tongues
The hold of control
Is crushed up and disciplined
And she just sits there and has fun

The world is a blood and feces pond of dead children
Ungrateful like a gunshot to the back of the head
The abortions can all smile, giggle and play
But remember
A abortion is dead

The sky had finally opened
But it was to white
So she went blind
She wishes Jesus would look a little to the left
But she will never know if he ever does
She has black holes for eyes
(Ineligible to be canonized)

Look at all that makeup
To cover up all that ****ed up
She is lost
While those Jesus arms and knees hang down crises crossed

All the angels dive down
And wash her insides out perfectly clean
So clean
That her and fetus number 3 are lost out at sea

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