Nothing really matters

I grew up in a world so different from you
I could paint you a picture but you wouldn’t have a clue

I’ve seen things you can’t imagine
I’ve survived situations you can’t even fathom

This is home but it doesn’t feel like mine
I do not have the patience and I’m running out of time

I know people who live their life thru a disguise
And I’ve met some great people with nothing but death in their eyes

I’ve cried myself to sleep so much that I literally felt pain
So I gave up on emotion so I wouldn’t go insane

I wish I could go back to being a kid
Because being an adult, requires too much to bid

I wish I could say I have no regrets
Because life isn’t perfect and people don’t forget

Is there a difference between forgive and forget?
Can you forgive me, for not paying when I lost the bet?

Are any of my feelings even real?
I’ve lost everything I’ve had so there’s nothing left for you to steal

I can say though lately I’ve smiled
Cause you make me feel in love and somewhat wild

I’m listening to Rasta music again
So jam with me my love and be my best friend

Redemption songs and video games
Let’s die in love with no more pain

I’ve seen the most beautiful things in the world
It’s all in my head and might seem up surd

The complexity of things unknown
You will never see these things unless you are shown

Your majesty loves gold and shiny things
She loves it when angels cry and the devil sings

I’m hearing a symphony in my mind
And the lights are dancing to the rhythm and rhyme

On the highest floor in the most famous city
The streets are so mean but the skyline is pretty

I can see magic in the air tonight can you?
Can you deny a truth to something that’s true?

This painting is moving in magical ways
The colors are entwining and I wish I could stay

The sky is red and it’s going to pop
You would think all the smoke would make it stop

Stay in the truck if you can’t see the ground
It’s a 50-foot drop, just turn the car around

I would like you to come inside so I can offer you a drink
Let’s enjoy a cup of tea, so we can think

Cause all my glasses are dirty and the wine is all gone
You might be feeling right and at the same time wrong

I would turn this into a song but it would be to sad
Some of my stories explain why I’m mad

You can take off your seat belt, were getting close to the end
I hope that you see I no longer play pretend

Cause these wicked games are no longer fun
Step out of the limelight with me and together we’ll be done

And please do not worry about breaking my heart, it will not shatter
This fascinating boy once told me nothing really matters

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