Do you think I don't notice?
Pure excitement radiating from your dark brown
eyes when you leer at her.
I'm insulted when you deny the fact your mouth moistens in
delight from the unholy images clogging your senses when she graces
you with her presence.
Do you think I don't notice?
Desirable, I am no longer to you. My confidence was stolen from me.
You etched in my heart and mind your intense desires
to be sexually gratified by anyone other than me
and the hostile resentment that clearly surrounds it.
We once shared an eccentric bond so fierce it was
incomprehensible to outsiders.Alienation has now transformed me.
A dark silenced room is where I cradle myself for comfort.
The wounds are no longer mending and my soul is detached
in every aspect
How long must I suffer before someone craves my endless love?
When will I experience the emotional sensation of
being the hub of a companion's existence?
I too, harbor a spark that can ignite your darkest fantasies
If only you would notice me long enough allowing me
a chance to seduce you with
my charm.If only you would notice

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