Notion of Home

Home is not a place or gilded space
or a vainglorious effusion constructed upon a lake
Neither is it a cardboard shelter built within the park
poor decimated souls surviving the translucent dark
Home is the solid foundation that lies deep within
it encourages us to grow, it compels us to win
Home is not the stuff of misplaced dreams
nor a heavenly venue where golden angels sing
Home is the steady hand that calms the night
its brilliance so illuminating, it turns darkness to light
Home is the rare inclination, we seldom ever find
an outmoded misconception, a false promise eludes the mind
Home is the one you love, protected within your arms
cherish the love that radiates, beneath your open palms
Some say it's a mythical notion, assuredly they are wrong
maybe home is just a quiet place, a place where you belong
To design this concept of home, just a reminder where to start
a home is not a home, until it's built inside your heart

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