Novel of our Lives

My world's so lonely now, that you were taken way
Feels like I stuck in a nightmare, when I almost went away
Now I'm so lost, just stumbling around
I don't know what to do with myself,
I would give anything, to change everything
Change the way this all played out
We're about to lose our minds real soon
Something has to give, someone has to lose
And it's just not fair , all their words, all of their stares
Like they've never seen, someone so obscene
Well if they only knew if they could only see
Who we are and who we want to be
Then they would see that the ones they pretend to be,
They're the ones to blame they're the obscene
Spilling all their lies, spoken out of hate
Or maybe fear, but I don't care
Fuck your words fuck your hate
Fuck your lies fuck your fear
It's what's inside, those things you try to hide
Trying to pretend those things never happened
Lies become the truth every time you tell them and in the end
You'll get what's yours its what you made
You'll have no-one there to take the blame
I hope I see you sweat and squirm
When your house of cards falls right on your head
So I can learn to smile and laugh
At someone else's pain
Cause some pains run so deep
I'll never know why
We're being treated this way
All of us have lost little pieces of ourselves
We can never get it back they're dead and gone- far away
We miss you so bad when you're gone
You help make this house into a home
But I know just how strong , You are inside
You'll be alright you'll be just fine
One thing we'll never get back is all this lost time
So don't regret any things you've said, anything you thought in your head
I'll be here
How much more of this hell can we take before we break
I think it's to late. I think I broke myself
So long ago, you made me fell love and pride
In my heart somewhere deep inside
No I fear there is no hope
to back inside this house and make it a home
I hold on to the dream of everything being like it used to be
But to much time has past we've all grown apart

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This Poems Story

A brief glimpse into the mind of a man who has had everything taken from him, slowly, painfully. You can almost feel his pain and frustration