November Rain

Covered by orange and yellow leaves, the November rain didn’t touch me
Carefully I extended my fingertips to feel the shockingly cold arrangement of drops
At once, I longed to dance and melt amid the somber storm
My legs rusted by lack of use, could not fathom this disguisable action

Sung melodiously once by Grandmother, “I’ll shelter you from the storms”
But I didn’t seek shelter, as I was now deprived of it
I sought an awakening, a restoration of my soul
Skirting at my knees, my dress swayed from the motions of my hips; in tune with the drops

Carefully, I curtsied to the clouds
Bowing beneath their infinite beauty, I smiled
For an instance, it was almost as if the drops delicately caressed my skin
As if they sensed the feeling I was looking for

Once more, with elongated arms, I danced
To the rhythm of the heartbeat, I recently discovered
Continuing in her voice sang “to be safe, is to be in my arms”
The branches joined me in my dance, following the once sheltering leaves

We swayed in the same waltz pattern I learned as a child
The rain ceased and the sun shone in alternating hues of pinks and purples
Nevertheless, my soul continued its movements to the sound of the slow decrescendo of remnants of the storm
Perplexed, I wondered as if my soul would miss the rain

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