Now and Then

The times that we shared, the fun that we had, the
memories we made, the good and the bad.
Best friends by title, sisters by heart, the bond that
we share, even when were apart. A friendship forever,
a best friend for life. Growing up together
through hurt and through pain, our friendship
never broke, but always stayed the same.
Through graduation and marriage, children and death,
a lifetime of memories that we will never forget.
No matter the distance, no matter the time apart,
we will always be friends just like from the start.
We will always be there, just a phone call away,
no matter what time, no matter what day.
Our bond is special, close as we can be,
memories that will forever be just you and me.
The secrets we share, the times that we miss,
new memories to come, in future bliss.
Our journey is not over, it has just begun.
A lifetime of friendship and a lifetime of fun.

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