Now Hiring

It was said that men dream wonders of them.
Ironically man will never know true power due to his own weaknesses within.
Mankind has always complicated the simple to make up for variables like poor thinking.
It proves the proper way to account for time, is to let someone else unknowingly waste it.

Dreams will come to those who are ready to see.
Those who know a start begins with the understood “me”.
A select fews’ dreams have been disturbed and intervened.
Some dreams are left at peace if they accumulate money for the right scheme.

What of the other dreamers, is there no more room?
What is there to do for the little lost, rough and misused?
Maybe show them by example like make a point to prove.
Surely this is serious there is no realer truth.
If the matter is miscellaneous we face a misguided youth.

Then generation to come will struggle at being goal setters to follow instead of lead.
Children will strive at finding the easier routes instead of dreaming their own dreams.
This makes it logical to help build a vision someone else has seen.
The signs are here, clear enough to be seen. They read, “Now Hiring, New Employees.”

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