Now I Realize

Quick, let's go through the motion,
You say you're not ready,
Or do you question my devotion?
Can I speak to you different?
Can I buy you a present?
Is it our friendship you're regretting

On that I'll call second,
But not for the same reason,
Because I'd be with you in a second,
But by mistake you won't consider it,

I'm sorry things have to be this way,
I'm sorry I could not get to you,
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry
I should have done better when I realized,
That I loved you,

Birds are flying at the speed of light,
Trees are growing faster than I can realize,
All because things are not the same,
Without you by my side,

I'm not trying to be ignorant,
There are plenty of girls in this world,
But I'd be wasting my time,
When you are the one,
That I want to hold.

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