Now or Never

“Kids don’t understand” they say

We don’t get an opinion, yet we have to pay

The price is our lives, our happiness and our earth

Why can’t you see where that has worth?

The problems slither in like snake,

Trying to chase and catch its prey,

We are the rabbit and the snakes getting close

Our country’s failing do you still want to boast?

Now or never has rung true,

I know I care, but what about you?

The climate is rising and so is our fear

You are to busy to even hear

Or Listen to what we have to say,

Now is not a time to play

Animals are dying

And Children are crying

Still you think that climate change isn’t real

But you are a thief you only can steal

Our futures and our lives, you give us pain

You are the only one to blame

Now or never has rung true

I know I care, but what about you

Death and violence are seen everyday

And our safety is already starting to decay

Differences start to cause our death

And ignorance takes our last breath

Being gay is seen as a sin

Only straight white males seem to win

The government is corrupt

And Enough is enough

Guns need to be controlled

so many stories still untold

Now or never has rung true,

I know I care, but what about you?

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