Now the worst is over

Through my teenage years,
my head was filled to the very brims
with so many dreams.
That often times I`d sit,
lost into myself in thought.

Then I had drunken so much,
all in the futile bid
to fill up the gaping vacuum
I felt in my world.

And each time in public, I smiled at men.
With my fake cover up
of an unperturbed mien.

But now that the night is past,
and come these radiant rays,
ushering new brightness into my days.
Those Thomases who won`t believe till they see,
who mocked and would not let me be.
They`ll all look at this and wonder,
and amazed, to themselves ponder.
“Hey how come that primitive,
that poor shabby native.
Just overnight turned imaginative,
and all in an instant went so creative?

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