Now We Must Say Goodbye

We were friends once, you and I;
We would laugh as the days went by,
Until days turned into months,
And you grew colder,
Until I could no longer recognize,
The person who stood before my eyes.
You unwound the wonderful memories,
That never failed to light up your face;
You shriveled the similarities,
That held this friendship in place.
You left secretly, so easily,
Knowing I would follow you willingly.
What happened to you, to us?
To the friendship that provoked such a rush?
Was it simply too much to handle?
Too much to bare?
Did the thought of opening up to someone,
Create too great a scare?
If so, take a look in the mirror,
And ask yourself what you fear.
Please, give me just one more day;
Help me put my feelings at bay.
Because we were friends once, you and I,
And now we must say goodbye.

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