Now You\'re Saved

Now You're Saved
By Ez
Featuring Benson Graves and Ginger Loose

In the night, darkness is always present,
for this is where in his life, he became bent.
He turned to darkness, and forgot the day,
for he had been forgotten, and he began to decay.
But through his darkness, there shown a new light,
one who changed his view, who help him win his fight.
Different from others, they were more like him,
hiding a true side, while the other is a T.I.M.
Locked in lies, they showed him the truth of a smile,
for they changed his heart, and he put on a new style.
He came out of hiding, and showed them his secret life,
and he stopped acting, then threw off all his strife.
He then realized, they were what he was looking for,
for they were dark, and they had a nature of war.
Seen at the beginning, but known in the end,
then once again his life took a bend.

For they were his true friends, along with the other,
for the other to him, was like a true brother.
They laughed with him and ate together,
and they walked with him, no matter the type of weather.
Born back in those days is the plot of their phrase,
there they met and became friends in a few short days.
Talking for weeks, they showed him a true friendship,
and they picked him up, whenever he did fall and trip.
For tiredness was what they did share,
and through everything, to each other, they showed care.
For his friends, are those who are also hated,
those to others, are the reason that life has faded.
Together they made a story, and formed a violent plot,
for, in the story, Johny Boi did indeed get shot.
Being together for only weeks, they became very close,
and between them and others, he loved them the most.
From being spilled on, to being disowned by a thought,
for trouble seemed to be what they always together caught.
Friends or more, but together they ruled that time,
but no matter the silence, they continued to still climb.
Being trained by them, he learns the meaning of love,
and they were friends, no matter how far the other was above.
For these are his friends, and are what he had craved,
because they stole his pain, then from the night he was saved.

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