Nowhere is Everywhere

I find myself awake in the middle of the dusk
"Nowhere is Everywhere"
It flashed through my senses
I checked the time on my phone,
It was 4:30 AM

I can heed soul shrieking inside me
Yelling out there subsists no hope for you
I felt helpless for myself
I felt like losing a part of me
I lost everything that I once clasped dear
I had a reason for happiness before
But it was me when I was young

Time whacks me so hard
Making me comprehend that
I had never lived a life
And told me to take up the glove
So that you can't run away
So that they can't haunt you like now

Still, I couldn't figure out what it was
But I want to believe that it was a Godsend
Maybe he is whispering that
Start laying the first stone of your life for yourself
Or it will be nowhere, wherever you go

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