Nubian Sista 2

Nubian Sista 2

You Sista with those locks in your hair walking around like you just don't care

Beauty and Flair, I want to get to know you not sexually but intellectually, mentally, spiritually
I find you quite interesting the way you dress carry yourself as a Nubian Sista a goddess that should be put on a pedestal for the world to see

But I know that is not your repertoire you rather be in the presence of the one you love
The king who embraces your heart may it be him or her nor does it matter cause my love is standing waiting for thee to embrace me with open arms

With the SBW on your chest no other can compare for what you can give bringing your best intellect political thinking and an education to make others mutter see I am not talking about college the knowledge of a black Sista is given through her ancestry and worn proud this is what makes her a Nubian Sista a lover, strong courageous to give an undying love and a Nubian Sista comes in all shades so wear it well.
have a stud like me dropping to my knees, your smell your voice I have no choice but to appreciate you profound and unique.
Nubian Sista you complete me in so many ways
And you have fulfilled my destiny
You My Nubian Sista

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This Poems Story

It is about women all over the world of all races who embrace their culture and carry it with class