I watch as you walk away,
Denying my outstretched hand
I fall to the ground,
Crying for your embrace.
Watching you creep out of sight,
I lay on the cold, hard ground.
I lay for minutes, hours, and for days.
My heart is almost cement,
A cold hard rock that feels nothing.
Prying myself away from the spot that held so much pain,
Ready to start a new life of nothing,
No pain, no happiness, no sadness.
Nothing existed an ymore,
Knowing I was so easy to walk away from
I allowed myself to become a toy for society to use.
Never allowing an yone to gain entry
Inside a cold stone heart,
Never opening up to the one who could melt the shell
That kept me from the numbness for so long,
Was it happening again?
To cause an other to walk away,
Only whilst I stood there
Without trying to stop him.
Slowly, my body stayed in that one spot
Where I had previously been left,
Being nothing but a statue
That people could only guess the story behind.
Only being an object to be looked at,
Feeling completely numb,
I am finally happy.

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