He's jiggling the knob, he keeps on dropping his keys
He manages to get into the house and he makes his way to me
His face is red, he smells like beer, he's wet from the pouring rain
He doesn't wipe his feet but throws his coat, which has a stain
I look at him and he looks through me and I wonder where he's been
He steps closer and his eyes grow cold as he squeezes hard, my chin
I wonder how long it would last tonight since it had been over a week
He stumbles and almost falls as he begins swinging at my cheeks
My nose won't stop bleeding as he slams me into walls
He screams horrible things but I refuse to let any tears fall
I wonder if the bartender knew what monster he was quenching,
Or when a plot repeats so much it becomes much less heart wrenching
I hope the kids are sleeping through this for school is the next day
They seem to like it better when their daddy is away
I'm not sure how it got to this, but it's a part of my routine
Make dinner, put the kids to bed, let my dear husband make his scene
I'm numb to all the pain now, even though the bruises are very real
But the beatings are easier to take when you refuse to feel

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