Numb Inside and Out

As I walk down the lane, with no destination,
I came across the world famous King's Cross station,
To my surprise it was empty, like a brand new bowl,
In fact, it reminded me of my soul,

Even if the room is full of people,
It amazes me how empty one can feel,
Even if I pray under a crowded steeple,
Only person I know is me,

As I enter the station, it is quite simple,
Except for a stranger in the corner who appears to be alone,
I ask him his name, and why it is so empty,
He replies, "Have you never seen heaven?"

As I gaze at the stars, I try to relate them to my life,
The only thing I can come up with,
Is how some stars look, even if they are surrounded by other stars,
And I wonder if stars could act on their revenge, would they?

Would they trap you and torture you and then let you walk,
Or would they solve your life mystery like Sherlock,
Or would they help you through your life like Lifelock,
Or would they end you like poison hemlock?

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