Numb still loud

Feeling foiled , aweary , gloomy and absurd
Maybe i am little bit tired and bored

But this feeling seems like i am out of my road
Way to destination is a little bit long that too
filled with dozens of crowd and a bit overflowed

Words,fact,noesis,vast books world
Everything seeming a little bit blurred
Uncertain about thoughts am I being a nerd

Somedays i am an extrovert sometime introvert
In this disarray,where to find my inner comfort

So much to say,still i am numb
I swear my mind is acting a little too dumb

Butterflies are gone ,demons are back
Maybe the garden full of flowers are now dead

But the sky was clear just some hours back
Its not raining yet but the clouds are all black
And the good thoughts are now facing a hijack

Tried everything still mind is disvowed
Maybe thats why,Loneliness is a quiet thing,but the mind seems loud .

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