Numbers and dreams

Certain phrases and emotions

Looking over laughing,at least A notion,

Not to you,but mainly myself

Incurable by defect,my conscious tell

In the shed,not the sharpest tool

I'll never grow up,still the Lovefool

Always confessing,my perfect crimes

Flip that frown,upside down

After cheap laughs,done playing around

I need work,and lots of attention

There is good and bad,you might mention

I am proud of both
Also ashamed

If I do the crime,I deserve to be blamed

Your words seem sharp,I am ready for it

Not 1 bit scared,so welcoming it

I can follow rules,and present A good case

You know my game,never lie to your face

That's A lie,hiding the best part

I saw your mind,from the start

Don't hide your curls,they are the bows on the gift

Be my focus,allow no shift

You are and I am,under the sun

when we are there, we are but 1

Thoughtful composure,is worth recognition,

Yours has become my "soul" mission

I'll buy anything,you ever sing

Not only fans of your paid parking

I'm kind of A handful,I will not lie

Allegedly not,
that everyday guy

post-its on the toilet,appointed help of kinds

Complain,express,whether or not fine

I can recover,if you have time

I'll be yours,if you'll be mine

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What I want,what I need,what I\'m doing,what\'s mine. ?¹³