Numbers don’t lie Poem.

Numbers don't lie Poem.
Number don't lie I'm all gassed up no breaks middle fingers to my haters and fakes. Ride till I doe. Inspiration hope for people not now to far out of site after thirty years it's time for the RooStarPoetic to shine. Already haven fans hitten me up via messages tellin me my work has hit them in a personal way I'm now inspired kind of way. I don't take silver spoon hand out I'm my own creator and achiever. My fans come in a clear picture my haters in a static picture I just flip it. I'm known as a triple talented threat by my crew around me drums of twenty seven years dance since I was five writing for only fourteen years I hold no fears for what I am known to be good at. Critics can talk all they want to say that I am not this and that but don't we all know them as liars that have no balls to bring the best facts it's all bout money. Numbers don't lie.

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