Nuture The Cradle

Nurture the cradle - a call to a golden trend!
O, friend! Your beginning determines your End
So much as the end justifies the means at the end.
For your beginning, you should fend.
To prevent your end from being bend.
Nurture the cradle, O my friend!

Nurture the cradle - your place of origin at its peak.
Alas! A river that forgets it's origin will dry.
Don't be a freak!
Nourish your existence from childhood to the grave.
Only then can your success be real!
Lay a solid foundation, so your zenith can be brill.
Don't you see an abode built with a spit?
How it wrecked, just like a brick?
Nurture the cradle, make the kick!

Oh, Nurture the cradle - nourish that kid!
That egg today is the cock tomorrow, have the creed.
Children now are the future later.
They are yours to breed.
This is a clarion call, not just a screed!
Wake up to the call, don't waste the seed.
Nurture the cradle - a word for the wise, please read!

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