O, Mine Phantom

O, ghastly phantasm, skulking through mine dreams
What brought thee here but fates aligned?
As a fullness to my void or a trickery of mind?
O, abhorrent vision scarred deep betwixt mine seams
What sought thee here but tools the stars denied?
Riddles through a midnightmare, a lidless, shifting eye
O, fallen angel, cast out amongst the beams
What thought thee here but a whisper to remind?
Banished from thy Eden, thrust beneath the light
O, formless phantom, I beg you leave me be
Amongst the swooning lovers in the Summer's latent heat
Alone amongst the trinkets of a love so ever sweet
A harlot whom entered and severed life from me
O, haunting geist, thrust from mine own womb
I harken to her wailing in the silence of mine tomb
I perceive her presence midst the blackness, total
And within mine final chamber, forever do I hold
A symbol of two hearts entwined, crystalline and cold
O, vehement lover, beholder of mine cries
Lend thy ear and hear a tale of a rider, bleak and pale
I, a man who perished long before he died
She bereft me of all, mine soul now rots inside
So when you hear me softly in the lonesome, bending boughs
Know that there are those who expire, clutching unrequited vows

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