O Spring, O Spring, Come Soon

Of the southern skies, the birds are sated,
For the greens, million trees have waited,
The plans for picnic, still remain undated,
Come home and make my heart elated.

O come O come, the splendor of spring,
Bring some warmth, with all the joy you bring,
Grass is ready to swing, with the breeze you bring,
Come, strike some strings and make the birds sing.

It's time, come kiss away the shrivel,
The cold is biting in waves of nibble,
The lakes are numb, waiting for a dimple,
The feathers of geese, love to flutter a ripple.

The beach is so lonely, come shower some glory,
The time is here, come home with no fear,
The clock is about to spring, you're not even near,
Come, breathe at my neck, whisper in my ear.

The sky is wasted in whites, come paint it in blue,
Come, jet some frolic and frighten the blues,
Dress the sky in scarlet ribbons and shades of truth,
Come, break the cocoon and let the butterflies bloom.

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