They that praise him say
he has these qualities.
Now the elements. That
as a sports man he showed
his strengths in soccer
and cracked bones playing;
that as a lover, he bed women
showing his ego boost,
prowess; that in courage his
final try counts, that in
things worth knowing, forcing
people across bridge
to regain health, they
were recovered, healing in
his hand. Like Apollo.
That comingling with people
he throws light, to light
the way, on the social scene
pulling them to him.
In all these things, patches he
didn't cover remain to
show insufficient humanity,
frontier not beyond frontier!

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This Poems Story

Oars used here as caption symbolizes unlimited goal and efforts. Speaker observes narrator soliloquizing fondly and silently about his brother, remembering the times and the deeds. And speaking to himself, he in the end, he commented that what ever remained unattained by his brother was left to fate since some things are always left undone by human beings however much they try, 'insufficient ... frontier beyond frontier!'