Lap, lap, lap,

Of the tide brushing my drenched pale back.
Tidal flux pressing my sand drenched pores.
Mind races, parched throat screams,
blistered lips yearning for more.

Slowly I pull myself up from the ocean’s grime.
Baking under the hot sun’s lore.
Palm trees sway to nature’s hypnotic tune,
Lush green plants, vibrant to the core.

A moment of zen pours over my soul,
Such beauty! Here upon this shore!
Sweet air so crisp and soothing upon my chapped lips.
Tranquil reverence in my self did bore.

Tap, tap, tap,

Of a plastic bottle bumping upon my leg.
Debri floating on the tide like a open sore.
Rage boils at this blight upon such beauty.
Trash drifting aimlessly, finding no room to store.

Flashed memories of my ship assaulted by the sea,
Wave, upon wave striking an endless score.
My mates all washed overboard into the deep blue,
Leaving me alone on a ship destined for the ocean’s floor.

Survived I have, but to what expense?
My debri making this serene coast a moor!
Is this my effect upon this beautiful place?
Am I nothing but a corrupting bore?

Thwap, thwap, thwap,

Roars the helicopter blades as it circles for me.
My eyes water and hands are raised as debri begins to soar.
The once lovely palm trees are now bending to the blades.
Lush green plants are flattened to the earth’s core.

Pain sparks an endless rage. Enough of this!
I hurry out of sight with feet drenched and sore.
I hobble to the comforting shade of the large healthy trees,
Peeling through lush vegetation reverently, entering heaven’s vibrant door.

Into nature’s womb I did go,
The vivacity of life makes my heart soar.
Slowly the sound the helicopter fades away,
Leaving me to my new heart’s core.

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30 Responses to “ Single poem ”

  1. josh jenkens says:

    Amazing piece

  2. Leann says:

    I’m 34 with four adopted children and I love watching them play and reminiscing my childhood that went by way too fast

  3. Leann says:

    I’m always finding different ways to cope through poetry and improving my writing skills but I love this piece you shared

  4. Brandon Mann says:

    thank you

  5. Cheryl Strait says:

    Thank you all very much.

  6. Mary Cheyne says:

    I identify with many of the sentiments in this poem. I like the practical aspects of being female but need to be outside. Iris difficult to be view as something other than fitting the mold.

  7. Elizabeth Pinkhasov says:

    Oh my gosh! I didn’t expect so many people to reply to my poem, thank you SO MUCH!!!!! It brings me so much joy that a young poet like me can inspire people of all ages!

  8. Lola Green says:

    Wondrously done!

  9. denton says:

    wait who’s poem are we talking about

  10. Zipper Wheel says:

    Short poems are brilliant and difficult to master. The greatest talent is saying more with less, saying more than personal experience, saying something irrefutably human. I should practice this more myself, but I find it a greater treasure to me to create lyrics than to free myself and others with beautiful concise truths.

  11. Megha Chatterjee says:

    I think that such poems can beautifully say a lot of things that cannot be verbally explained to people. The way your friends or relationships hurt you, a pen and paper and a poetic mind can reduce your pain. I love the power of poem writing process..

  12. April Duboce says:

    Angelique, this is bold, descriptive and beautiful. I am very sorry for the pain you went through and are still experiencing. I was raped for 4 1/2 months after my amputation. Stay strong, keep writing and know you are loved by people you don’t even know. You are a strong and courageous woman, deserving of kind and respectful love. I pray this happens for you. I will try to upload my poem about abuse to my page. Sending you hugs, strength and love.

  13. April Duboce says:

    Stacy, this is beautiful. I hear and see the meaning beneath. To heal together with this wounded bird. I can tell you have an incredibly loving soul. I wish I could meet you.

  14. April Duboce says:

    Michael, this is so very special. The love between a son and a mother is different, yet strong. I’m thrilled you had such a wonderful Mom. Your vulnerability and the integrity of this poem tell me enough about your character.You ARE a good man

  15. Merton Pajibo says:

    Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to read my poem. I appreciate your constructive criticism.

  16. Kristina Karki says:

    Can you guys rate my poems?

  17. vivid emotions says:


  18. Kellie Parks says:

    Incredible ! Good job

  19. Aisha.Hasan says:

    This was great

  20. Aisha.Hasan says:

    Would you read my poems. Merci


    The poem Tortured Soul is poignant to torture the reader’s soul!

  22. Stephen Brownfield says:

    This is a heart felt piece and speaks to my soul, as it makes me feel you soul.

  23. Ross Mitchell says:

    Thank everyone who commented on my poem, but with so many liking my poem, how did my poem get knocked down to 3 instead of a five

  24. MK says:

    I am a new writer, but I’ve been old. I’m great at writing, so I would love it if everyone would help me by rating my poems.

  25. Sara Naquin says:

    Love it!!

  26. Sara Naquin says:

    Love it!! I like how you expressed your words. Your very much heard!

  27. Ayushi Srivastava says:

    Thank you everyone for your appreciation ..I am a student so I am trying to improve my writing skills.

  28. Ayushi Srivastava says:

    Hey! I wrote it..don’t try to do that

  29. Leyla Ahmed says:

    I love this.

  30. Raven Moonshadow says:

    No you did not. Not this one. I have my intellectual property rights reserved.

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