Great son of Oduduwa
The great Orisha
Olofin Adimula, Olofin Aye
Great son of Lamurudu
The son who became a father to many fathers who bore sons who became fathers to great fathers and grand fathers
What greatness of men who became great grandfathers and great forefathers
Many tales of splendour have been told about your Ancestors
With so much splendour you tell the tale to your Aremo
Aremo the great son of the mighty oba
The elephant that tramples to make way for progress
Anyone who gets in the way of the obas progress would be trampled by the mighty elephant
You sit on your throne with your chiefs
Giving out counsels of wise words
Words only the wise can muster
You adorn fine clothes of royalty
Yet you are a finer royalty than the fine clothes you adorn
He who does not adorn the oba with his praises is done for in the dungeons and nothing can be done about it, it becomes ASE done and dusted
He has kingdoms as vast as a limitless earth
He has limitless power as vast as his kingdoms and lands
His power is unquestionable; he who questions a king questions an inevitable death
You ride along your lands with majestic grace
And you are gracious with majestic splendour
His wealth is vast, as vast as wealth can be to be called wealthy to be as wealthy as a king

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