I came to visit, tried to hold your hand,
I wanted to know you, that was all that I planned.
Tried to see who you wore, tried to hear your voice,
tried to lift the veil, and silence the noise.
Your sharp eyes, wore like sun through rain,
didn’t say a word, but I felt your pain.
You wore in a world, far from my own,
had so many thoughts, I wish you had known.

I fought and screamed, my heart was aching,
comfort didn’t help, " it's my mum's life their taking"
Authorities and doctors, they all heard my cry,
but they wouldn't listen, to an "uneducated lie"
It didn't stop me, when I shattered like glass,
most people I met, should kiss my ass.
They promised you help, signed with a pen,
but we wore counting the years, 1,2,3 10.

They let you sit in the dark, fall deep in your mind,
I stopped reaching you, they kept being blind.
Those sharp eyes, I remembered so clear,
grew heavy and dark, I saw you disappear.
When you finally got help, your life would be a test,
you'd face the world again, a world you repressed.
But it was too late, fate was already set,
a year later, the morgue was where we met.

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    This Poems Story

    Today it has been seven years since my mum passed away. I wrote this shortly after her death and every year on this date I rewrite or edit this poem in hope that someday I will no longer feel the need too. I’m still trying to do that one right thing, or maybe it is that I can’t let go, not even of the pain. I’m still trying to honor her, not forgetting, missing and loving her always.