Obligatory Silence

promises of the damned: the broken & the bruised-
they are used against us
stitched together with threads of hair: DNA from the lost ones
needles made from fragile bone: of those too afraid to speak
words knotted into paragraphs,
run-on sentences causing confusion-
mass hysteria filling lungs
clogging passages for air flow
producing new generations,
though not afraid to speak
they inherited hushed minds

this is the future
the past never to be the same-- we;
not free to say our piece
or speak our minds to say the least --
silenced tones produced by vocal chords echo in ones ears,
knowing that silence is the best way to win a war
win a war where there is to be no love
win a war that we never started
win a war we never wanted

our silence a protest--for those we've forgotten

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