This reoccurring pain that I feel within
is boiling my blood and searing my skin.
Time after Time I fail at love
Maybe I'm not good enough when push comes to shove.

For years I've written of my sadness and rage
But for the first time I write as my tears stain the page.
I give my love, tenderness, and care
But find no acceptance for it anywhere.

Cheated on, used, and overlooked as a friend.
My heart is NOT made of steel that will only bend.
It breaks, it shatters, although it appears to be gold.
It's only relation to metal is that it has now grown cold.

Sick of the let downs and done being hurt.
Some women are like demons walking around in skirts.
Over time I've come to realize that along the way,
No one I take interest in gives me the fair time of day.
And on the rare chance that they do it's NEVER to stay.

Maybe it's me,
am I not man enough?
I mean I'm human for God's sake I can't always be tough
It Sucks to see those you want escape your possession.
Love is a curse, and my self destructive obsession.

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