Long for tranquility, long for silence
Nothing comes to mind, that's a taradiddle
Fireflies here and gone, here and gone
The pieces are all here and an instruction manual
Smudged and vibrant in prints of a maniac creature
Bored and struggling, trying to find a name

Existence and familiar glamour will not do
Mercy, there is no pity; it must find a name
Something close to foreign--unheard of in this bland, exquisite land
Every breath and every step--exaggeration doll
Come back down for awhile

The lonely, lost creature thought that was all it needed
The catch, there is always one in this land
Spent its life and currencies for that name
The catch, I don't know
Its frowning countenance could, perhaps tell

An eternal, magnificent, and admirable--title, label, status, fame

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