Obsidian Heart

See this heart?
Do you know this heart?
Understand what sets it apart,
How it was created in my oblivion,
Why its fragments are held together with obsidian,
Black as night, cold as death
Morbid beauty steals beholders breath?
What once was whole, broke away.
What once was permanent never stays.
As an eruption blew away the heart I'll never have again.
Scattering the casualties, every little part of me
In tandem to the actions of cruel men.
Pieces missing, in an unknown place,
I do not search, attempting to save face.
Instead I fill the holes of what used to be;
With all the anger I have set free
To hold together what fell apart,
But burning my fragile, broken heart.
Anger like flowing magma fills the holes
Erupting from my injured soul,
But like lava, cools too quickly;
Leaving my heart, cold and sickly.
Heavy with the weight of lies
The heat cools and eventually dies.
Leaving my heart with several slivers of black,
And the pieces I know, I'll never get back

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