Ocean of Destiny

By McCord   

Ocean of Destiny

There is a beach somewhere
Between time and space
Each wave that crashes down
Another fate...
Making the sound of judgement
As it would sound several universes away

We appear here when we find ourselves
In between destinies
When we are free to go either way
A place of creation, of infinite choices
We know the sound from before birth
Before we set sail on this ocean

How calming and relieving it is
To be free again
To find my body back on this beach
Where it all began

Truly there is something in the waves
If you listen closely...
You can hear the birth, life, death, and rebirth
In each wave as it gives rise, and dies...
Each one, a human lifetime

This reminds me of being God
Witnessing these fates roll on
Without cause for alarm
Endlessly at my feet

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This Poems Story

This is a poetic account of a daydream I had when meditating on an important decision. I had a deep sense of being the "field of all possibilities" that Deepak Chopra talks about... Does anyone have any thoughts about my placement and use of the "..."? I'm a little bit unsure about what is proper. Please comment if you have any ideas or suggestions at all! Thank you.