For her it was one of the most unexpected things,
he had confessed to her, out of a blue.
He proposed because he couldn't control his feelings,
she said yes for she couldn't afford to hurt him.
It was October back then, soon she too fell for him
just the way people learn: slowly then all at once;
their love was as real as a flower bloom.
They laughed together, they shared their pain too;
wiping each other's tears, they healed each other's wounds too.
They made new memories while cherishing the old ones;
they had a connection, even they didn't understand once.
But then it started getting dark;
the Sun of love and happiness started setting back,
it was time of struggle and tears
but they stood strong,
long enough to strengthen their bond.
But again, he felt he was wrong,
wrong to have chosen to hurt her lifelong.
She waited and waited for him to return,
But not even for once came the dawn
Finally, her soul lost, shattering to pieces.
Tired to the core, she looked up at the calendar,
choosing to move on, but then again it was October
standing in her way,
begging her to hold on.

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