Ode for the Heartless

I am no stranger to the strange life
Something grabs you from beyond
It excites you-because it frights you
A tasteless pill you get addicted to-it's prescription
The kind of world you take for granted-it's fiction
You know I'm not staying long
I know you wish I were
You know that I don't belong
And I won't pretend to
so without further ado: I'm leaving you
I know, I know, I'm a monstrous witch
Breaking your heart
Now you need stitches
I know, I know, I'm better than this
Play with your mind
But there are plenty of fishes
Oh no, oh no, no I didn't, oh no
Leave you lonely, what a sin, oh no
You said "we should always be together"-God no
I'm sorry, I apologize
But no one said that "Love" was kind
And I wish it hurt to say that I'm yours
But, oh no darling, you're not mine

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