Ode of a Manic Pixie Dream Girl

I know that you see me.
I know, because I count the time you look at me
Begging for the smile or the glance
That responds to the bad joke I made behind you.
I spend too much time penciling my eyebrows,
And I say your name when I can
To see if you turn or laugh
I am not the quiet damsel that needs to be saved from a dragon.
In fact, I would probably be too embarrassed to ask for help.
But I will be the one to tell you that elephants cry
And that the world is not as big as it seems
And that I love it when you smile.
I want you to know that I knit
And that I dance to organ music
And that I am not hard to get.
I am not the beauty that needs to be chased after,
Rather than the odd looking flower off the side of the road
That may not be a soft decoration
Than more of a device of entertainment
Reminding you of what a life it could be.
I will seduce you with my knowledge of Star Trek and Doctor Who
I am constantly lost, needing to be found,
Because I forgot to charge my phone.
I am a girl with many faces, smiles and opinions.
I am a girl who plays it tough.
I am not quiet.
Rather, I am quite loud.

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