Ode ta da lost boy

Through all da pain
And da fear
dey didn't choose ta be here
back to the land of da free
I truly believe
dat I'd be a dead man
left behind
Roamin da streets
I speak wit an infinite touch
My body is rough
Da bullet went through me
My blood turned into lust
A pride dat divides
In whom I can trust
Da wooded leaves are lush
More than I can ever have
I want a real love
And only one built ta last
Foreva n eva
For the worst or da better
Cuz you saved my life
I wuz born into crime
Shaded by days
When da sun didn't shine
You lit a spark in my dark
You fused back da cracks in my heart
You gave me a gentle prize
One dat expand my mind
Folks don't grasp everything
N fail ta see
It takes all your mentality
Ta comprehend wat I'm sayin'
Yo life I aint claimin'
I just pave da road
So you can carry on a peaceful stroll
N leave behind da rubble
dat troubled you
In life's turmoil
I want you all ta climb above
N fly togetha
Flocked like doves
I wish you could see things through my eyes
A vision so divine
N flow along
Da waves
Washed abroad wit rays of sunshine

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