Ode to a Roadside Tavern

Starting to arrive at quarter of five most every afternoon
Wanting to break their boredom at this popular old saloon
Parking pickups beside big SUV’s and customized Harleys
Symbolizing status and style, wishing to appease
Walking up to the bar ordering a large cold brew
Sitting with buddies buying a burger or two
Sporting fancy mustaches is something of an art
Excepting those with full beards whose razors don’t start
Playing pool they bend taking careful aim
Trying to win and claim the victor’s fame
Watching TV’s showing NASCAR and ball games
Cheering on team favorites by their nicknames
Dressing in sleeveless T-shirts men display colorful tattoos
Naming ex-wives and old girlfriends who gave them the blues
Hiding love handles are older women with loose dresses
Showing off their curves are young ladies with tight blouses
Putting quarters in the jukebox someone starts to dance
Leading with the Texas two-step will it be a summer romance?
Filling up the floor are couples holding each other tightly
Wondering if this a one-night stand or a pairing done nightly
Approaching midnight stragglers get to ready to go home
Grooming in the bathroom parting their hair with a comb
Shouting goodbyes to buddy’s, waitress’s and bartender
Wanting to return to see a gal whose name he can’t remember!

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